Mission Statement

With strategic partnerships, world-class technical support, and the latest software, it is the mission of Toltec Global Services to provide the most efficient digital marketing strategies, uniquely assembled marketing team and tight lines of communication. We offer marketing tactics your customers will not only notice, but engage with and enjoy.Jeff Elias, Toltec Gobal Services CEO and Founder
Toltec Global Services is a Demand Generation Marketing Services agency that offers complex marketing solutions for a globalized world. We provide stand alone digital marketing that utilizes the latest trends in data sourcing, marketing automation, social media, content management and video production to create leading demand generation programs for Business-to-Business industries.

Ideas That Come To Life

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    Creating The Initial Idea

    We sit down in-person to find out exactly what your needs are. We never suggest a service unless we know it will be helpful for your business.

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    Proposed Plan of Action

    Once we get the OK, we move full speed ahead and do whatever it takes for you to become successful and get the ROI you deserve. We promise to make you look good.

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    Innovative Strategies

    With weekly reporting, we will show you progress as it’s happening. This is real time success for your real time analytics.

The Toltec Approach to Success

  • 01. Design

    Design is the first phase in Toltec’s approach to an effective and focused campaign.  In this initial step, a plan is formed describing exactly what our goals are for your target market.  These goals create a solid foundation for the program as a whole.  Some elements of the design phase involve data, communication, touch patterns and plans for deployment.

  • 02. Development

    The development stage incorporates all of the elements together, transforming design plans into data assets.  The development process naturally lends itself to due diligence as we look for gaps in our process and thinking. We build content and all the modules necessary for deployment.

  • 03. Deploy

    We begin to deploy the programmatic assets originally created during the design step once we have effectively developed those market goals.

  • 04. Debrief

    We debrief you soon after we begin deployment and communicate with you concisely and frequently.  Our company understands that the success of your business is critical to you and we will make every effort to initiate and nurture an open dialogue with your organization.

  • 05. Distribute

    In the final phase, the program is distributed. That means what started in a region as a pilot program moves on and gets distributed nationally. Curiously enough, this phase requires as much attention as others in order to ensure success.

Toltec Global believes that each step of the 5 “Ds” are critical to the success of any successful marketing campaign that we orchestrate and execute. Please contact us if you have any questions about our approach to success or marketing automation.
  • The Honor Code
    We don’t lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do. That is taken from the US Military Academy at West Point. It’s called the Honor Code.  We live it. Some folks are stunned at this approach. They aren’t used to it. In fact, they’ve either grown so accustomed to people who “massage” what they are saying, that they start to believe that’s an okay thing to do.
    No #$&!!*&%!
    We’ll tell you what is going on, and in the fast paced world of demand generation marketing, there’s no time for BS. There just isn’t. Ask us a question and we’ll tell you the answer. If there is no clear answer, and many times decisions can be subjective, we’ll tell you that too. Guess what? If we’re ever wrong, we’ll admit we’re wrong. We’ll tell you the truth as we see it and our collective egos aren’t tied to being right. It’s not a perfect world and we aren’t perfect and we don’t expect the world to be that way either. Sometimes people have failed to understand what it’s like to work with very honest people. Some people are downright shocked at our approach because it’s new to them. But this is the only way that we know how to operate. We don’t want to invent stories. If we are late or made a mistake, we’ll tell you. If the program isn’t getting the results we all need, then we’ll stop it and re-convene with you.
    Good To Great
      OurQeli_GoodToGreat_Silver belief system is tied to the book, “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. We are building a great company. We’ll have some tough discussions internally about direction, new technologies, how we spend our money, where we invest in the organization; all kinds of things. But in the end, we will work together to make our clients successful.   Most importantly, we know your career is frequently tied to our results. We’re not going to let you down. Great results can make or break a career. We take that responsibility very seriously.  We’re here to make you a hero. We get it.  
  • Over the years, it has been the technology business where we had our roots where we’ve learned new things. In part, because many of the advanced automation techniques we use and partners we partner with, all come from Silicon Valley. You might wonder why we don’t move there. In large part, if you look at the service providers in the demand generation business, because of lower gross margin, we can’t operate in Silicon Valley. Many companies operate out of Arizona. Particularly the Phoenix area. The good news is that we are a two-hour flight to San Jose, CA. We visit up there at least once a quarter to sync up with clients, prospects and other tech companies to see what the latest and greatest advancements and trends are in our business.

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