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  • System of Systems

    A System of Systems Approach to Demand Generation

    Nothing stays the same. Everything changes. Two years ago I was working in the Demand Gen field for a telemarketing company. They did some really good work. However, the market was changing; the prospect base was changing; and I realized that despite evidence that our customers were struggling with new technologies, the field of demand […]

  • Up Where We Belong

    Up Where We Belong

    “An Officer and a Gentleman” was released in 1982. Thirty-two years later this film still provokes strong emotions in me. The ending, while being scoffed as a Hollywood type ending, is as Hollywood as it is real. For you women, most of us men were hoping that Zack (Richard Gere) would realize what a great […]

  • Toltec

    Demand Generation – UNPLUGGED

    I finally caught up with KISS without their make-up and playing unplugged in March of 1996 on MTV. I had never liked their music and never been thrilled with their make-up and their act. That night I finally joined the KISS Army as their fans are called. They were actually very talented and sounded great. […]

  • Demand Gen Love Train

    The Demand Generation Love Train

    This week was revolutionary for Toltec Global Services. We went on-site for a week and used our “creative” side with a client. We put them through a very tough week. It was hard on us too. We have moved heavily into the area of content, and with that video production. One of the most fascinating […]

  • Gorilla

    Big Boss Man

    I’ll never forget the imagery. Dick Egan, founder of EMC and Chairman of the Board, exiting a helicopter at the Hopkinton EMC HQ in 1995. There he was. Tall, tough looking, even in his suit, and completely ignoring anyone he didn’t know. Cigarette in hand; still the tough Marine that survived the Choisin Reservoir battle […]