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  • Compass)

    Finding My Way

    In the summer of 1983 I was chosen to lead a squad of soldiers through a night navigation on foot. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Remember, there was no GPS. navigation yet and this was done using compass, azimuths and other methods of rote memorization. We had trained for weeks on navigation and successfully completed daytime […]

  • Changes


    I remember being a young 13 year old and hearing this song on the radio on WMMR in Philadelphia. I was stunned that this was considered a rock and roll song, and even more shocked that this was David Bowie of “Ziggy Stardust” fame as the writer and singer. Through my life I’ve always returned […]

  • Carefree-Highway

    Carefree Highway?

    Gordon Lightfoot’s beautiful song that memorializes Route 74 that runs from Cave Creek, AZ to Wickenburg, AZ. For those of us who remember it as a small two-lane highway through the Northern Sonoran Desert, passing Lake Pleasant, it harkens us to simpler times and days of yore. The past decade has been one of huge […]