Be a Legend in Your Own TIme

“This isn’t exactly what you had planned” The words of Carly Simon in her hit ” Legend in Your Own Time”. Her ode to a yet to be very famous Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Muhammad) her love of 1970-1. Carly actually wrote this song back then but released it in 1978.

Our customers seek to become legends in their own time. Demand Generation is simply creating demand and as a consequence presenting more potential opportunities to sales in order to sell more clients and acquire more customers. The growth in sales can have dramatic impact on a company, its valuation, the compensation of its employees and the potential growth of new positions, buildings, offices and opportunity for personal and career growth, all of this not just benefiting the company, but impacting people’s lives. It’s hard for many to see the benefit to society when a company succeeds. Of course, the company has to have the values to want growth for all who seek it. When that happens the lives of many become enriched in many ways.

So that’s our mission. To make our customers wildly successful. It’s tough to do in the quarterly driven funding and planning culture that we exist in. Perhaps the best example I have seen in the past was organizations that recognized the success we were having, and then had the foresight to stay with it. Don’t stop getting the flywheel turning faster when all it takes to make that happen is to keep it going.

One of the reasons my second Friday musical post is a female vocalist stands as a tribute to women and female intuition which I now firmly believe is vastly superior to male intuition. After years of fighting with the opposite sex, I now realize that they in fact have dominance in the world of intuition. Women, liberated and free women, make a difference in our lives and pay attention to things that are oblivious to most men. My brother once theorized that if there had been only men and no women, homo sapiens would have lost the battle to become apex predator to the canids (dogs/wolves/coyotes etc.) Women civilize men. No doubt. When we look at the problem areas of the world, where war and violence are prevalent, they are in general the places where women lack the right to vote, the right to an education, and the right to voice their opinions.

Have a great week-end and enjoy Carly’s beautiful voice and her brilliant ode to a man she loved in this live performance. Be a legend in your own time. Whatever that means to you. Happy Friday!

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