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    6 Must Online Spaces To Grow Online Presence

    Digital marketing is a little like mother’s love. You just keep doing it without conditions, expectations, or even hopes of returns.

    If you think you have the resources for this, you are wrong. The right tools are all over the place, including right under your nose.

    Using IM Creator and Duda, your website — and its mobile version — can be up in an hour.

    HootSuite can help you set up social media updates for as far in the future as you like.

    Campaign Monitor and MailChimp can help you template out your newsletters, and automate and analyze your email marketing campaigns.

    You don’t need a fully laid out plan. Just start – that’s the key….

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    Why You Need Web Analytics

    During this podcast we cover a variety of reasons why Competitive Intelligence professionals need to regulary mine web analytics.
    This includes:Why tools such as SimilarWeb are solid sources for competitive intelligence.How you can you use web metrics to identify disruptive companies before it’s too late.Why web analytics are sometimes overlooked as a source of competitive and market intelligence.How to be more effective when mining web metrics..

  • Up Where We Belong

    Up Where We Belong

    “An Officer and a Gentleman” was released in 1982. Thirty-two years later this film still provokes strong emotions in me. The ending, while being scoffed as a Hollywood type ending, is as Hollywood as it is real. For you women, most of us men were hoping that Zack (Richard Gere) would realize what a great […]

  • Toltec

    Demand Generation – UNPLUGGED

    I finally caught up with KISS without their make-up and playing unplugged in March of 1996 on MTV. I had never liked their music and never been thrilled with their make-up and their act. That night I finally joined the KISS Army as their fans are called. They were actually very talented and sounded great. […]

  • Demand Gen Love Train

    The Demand Generation Love Train

    This week was revolutionary for Toltec Global Services. We went on-site for a week and used our “creative” side with a client. We put them through a very tough week. It was hard on us too. We have moved heavily into the area of content, and with that video production. One of the most fascinating […]

  • Gorilla

    Big Boss Man

    I’ll never forget the imagery. Dick Egan, founder of EMC and Chairman of the Board, exiting a helicopter at the Hopkinton EMC HQ in 1995. There he was. Tall, tough looking, even in his suit, and completely ignoring anyone he didn’t know. Cigarette in hand; still the tough Marine that survived the Choisin Reservoir battle […]

  • Compass)

    Finding My Way

    In the summer of 1983 I was chosen to lead a squad of soldiers through a night navigation on foot. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Remember, there was no GPS. navigation yet and this was done using compass, azimuths and other methods of rote memorization. We had trained for weeks on navigation and successfully completed daytime […]

  • Changes


    I remember being a young 13 year old and hearing this song on the radio on WMMR in Philadelphia. I was stunned that this was considered a rock and roll song, and even more shocked that this was David Bowie of “Ziggy Stardust” fame as the writer and singer. Through my life I’ve always returned […]