Carefree Highway?

Gordon Lightfoot’s beautiful song that memorializes Route 74 that runs from Cave Creek, AZ to Wickenburg, AZ. For those of us who remember it as a small two-lane highway through the Northern Sonoran Desert, passing Lake Pleasant, it harkens us to simpler times and days of yore.

The past decade has been one of huge highs and lows for the American economy. The consumer economy ultimately proved its un-sustainability and we returned to the fact that one of our most valuable assets for the creation and continuance of the middle class, manufacturing, had been shipped overseas to fuel the economic miracle that is found in Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

Globalization, which has been an objective not just of business but one of US Federal Government policy, has brought us to this day of reckoning. Some sectors, notably Finance and Technology, have been touched but not devastated like most other segments. Yes, the US Auto Industry not only has recovered, but many American brands are building the market leading products in their segments. However, the auto industry employs significantly fewer workers than before at much lower wages relative to the wealth of the America of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Within our own borders commerce takes on more urgency than ever before. Higher volumes of transacted business, accelerated depreciation expense tax relief, will further growth and pull us out of this recession. Despite the good news in the stock market the recession continues with the bulk of the jobs created either temporary or at near poverty level wages.

At Toltec Global Services we try and do our part to aid in the recovery. We are spending on capital equipment when necessary and employing top talent as needed. However what is most important in this economy is to add value to our customers. We do that by producing award winning campaigns and programs just like we did in the prior decade.

We aren’t looking to be a large company. We are looking to be the best value with the highest standards of excellence in the business.

Enjoy the Carefree Highway when you can. In the meantime when you need to compete to win, think of us. We’re here and ready for the challenge.

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