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I finally caught up with KISS without their make-up and playing unplugged in March of 1996 on MTV. I had never liked their music and never been thrilled with their make-up and their act. That night I finally joined the KISS Army as their fans are called. They were actually very talented and sounded great.

This post is about Demand Generation Unplugged. Everyday I get bombarded with information on how to do Demand Generation. I don’t have time to read much of it, but most of it is really useless. Even the articles that come from many noted consulting companies are useless to me. Why? Because in most cases they don’t address the real specifics of the campaign that made a difference. In brief, demand gen marketing is a game of statistics. Every thing you do is to put the probability of success in your favor. It is similar to understanding the position of an electron at a specific time……quantum mechanics. It drove Einstein to declare: “God does not play dice” . We face the same challenge: what is the position of our marketing campaigns at a given point in time? Even worse, we have to describe what that exact success should look like at any point in time. In a world of ever changing statistics and probabilities this makes the exercise difficult at best.

Here’s what most people, including experts, don’t get: Demand Generation is 50% Art, 50% Science. Get either one wrong and you fail. So it’s no big secret that Tuesday AM is the best time to send e-mails. It’s also not a secret what the cadence of campaigns should be. But if you’re content is not interesting and even if it is, you can still fail miserably, especially with marketing automation. One of the largest marketing automation (MA) companies keeps sending me information as if I don’t know anything about MA. This is great because they are teasing me constantly with how much more “revenue” I will acquire if I would just purchase their remarkably “easy to use” MA tool. When I read it I shake my head. I know this company’s product. It is so technical and difficult to use that it requires $350/hour consultants to just get it minimally functional. In order to get it really working you need to hire a staff of at least 7 people! At least 7 Full Time employees. I actually read their e-book which states you need 7 FTE’s to be successful and I would argue that even with 12 Full Time Employees you are going to struggle to get a fully functional drip/nurture campaign out the door. And those employees will cost you with all the software licenses you will need, plus the extra modules, plug-ins etc, all-in around $225K/head all in. So that’s a whopping $1,575,000/year (using the 7 FTE Model) to run the “easy to use” system they promote. That doesn’t include the consulting and outside agency support you’re going to need. Doesn’t sound to me like you make a lot of revenue.  It sounds like its going to accelerate revenue: revenue from you to them. I may not be the smartest person in the room but that’s a lot of money going in the wrong direction.

Don’t worry, if I just described your MA environment, don’t panic. You’re not alone. You’re in the majority of screwed up over sold MA installs that exists out there in the real world. How do we know? I just read my inbox. Another famous Cloud Company actually invited me to an exclusive event that happened a week earlier. I haven’t heard from them since. Case in point. MA is like a nuclear weapon. Get the targeting wrong; a date and time wrong; a location wrong; messaging wrong; and look out. You blow up in an epic fail.

So here it is UNPLUGGED. Ready. WE ARE IN THE POST MARKETING AUTOMATION WORLD. What? Yes. It’s over. Save for the few people who need some sophisticated features that solve a specific use case, we are now in the Post Marketing Automation era. That has huge ramifications. It means that we need these tools to work for us and not the other way. That’s what Toltec Global Services is designed to do. Take you into the Post Marketing Automation era. We’re doing it. And we’re doing it very, very successfully. We use our tools and make the leads, events and revenue flow. All of this for a lot less money than you will ever be able to do it internally. We do all the things a full service agency plus full time employees would do to launch a campaign. We make it look easy because you don’t do much of anything. It’s never easy, but we’re very, very successful at making it work. Why? All kinds of little things that we do to optimize our odds of success. It’s like being a great restaurateur. You know, people like Sam Fox or Dennis Mastro: Everytime they open a new restaurant  or new restaurant concept, it’s a success. Exactly the same with us.

For  those of you in the technology business pushing everyone to public and private Cloud Computing. We are Cloud Marketing Automation. You hand it over to us and we get you results. No games, no big discussions about how to do it; when to do it; what to write; what the content is……we are push button Cloud Marketing Automation.

So if you want to spend Millions of $$$/year to struggle with Marketing Automation, we can’t stop you. We understand that you already spent scads of Millions or more on MA and now you feel you can’t unplug it. We don’t want you to do that. Keep it. You can roll out what the company needs for MA and unplugging WW installations after spending lots of money is tough to do. So keep doing what you need to do. We bet you have a backlog of requests for MA Campaigns from Industry Marketing, Vertical Marketing, Services Marketing, Client Success, Maintenance……other functions. There’s plenty more to do for suspects, prospects and customers. We’re here to help those who can’t get programs up and  running or don’t have the budget to afford it.

If you haven’t automated yet, talk to us. We can save you a fortune. We are  Push Button Service. You won’t even realize what we’re doing. That’s the magic.

If you have automated come and talk to us about plugging us into your infrastructure. We might even have a few ideas you’ve never heard before. At first you’ll think: Are these guys crazy? Maybe. But we’re crazy fanatics that make our clients successful. We live it; breathe it; and do it seven days a week.

In the meantime, enjoy listening to KISS unplugged.

PS The statute figurine is from the Toltec culture. We are “Toltec” Global Services.

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