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    As the world gets smaller and networks grow larger, businesses must work harder to gain prospective customers’ attention and keep the loyalty of their reoccurring customers. But what if sorting through the digital jungle was less daunting? What if there was a solution to keep loyal patrons interested while tracking new potential business?

    There is a solution. It’s Marketing Automation as a Service (MaaS).

    There are vast options in marketing automation, data mining, content creation, landing pages, analytics, nurturing and email campaigns… and a full fledged marketing team is needed to manage them. Because of Toltec Global Services unique experience in automation, database management, graphic design, web development, and photography, we know what it takes to run your campaigns effectively, and we don’t’ need a large team to do it.

    While anyone can send emails, few people have the intuition for sending them at the right time and at the right frequency. That is why we want to use our 30 years of campaign experience for your benefit.

    We are partnered with the eTrigue Corporation and use their DemandCenter Cloud solution. DemandCenter is the only platform that uses object oriented type process to use and re-use modules. The film industry crafted the concept of story-boarding and eTrigue has perfected it for campaigns. This product is designed by marketing people for marketing people. We knew it the first time we saw it. We should know, we’re marketing and sales people!

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