Popular By Design: Why Art Makes Data Sexy

Numbers. Symbolism. Leads. Color. Data. Motion. ROI. These are all terms thrown around to show the importance of something. Data gives value. Art gives significance. Art and science are clearly needed to create long lasting design that not only implies action, but provokes long-lasting change.

Like good design, everything in marketing should have value and purpose behind it. Many companies, brands, and organizations are missing the mark because they focus on the wrong part of the puzzle. While data holds the key to credibility, art is the lock to understanding information.

In the age of content marketing, well-branded design, means the difference between a door opening or closing on client prospects. So how can an organizations of all sizes achieve a great art and science balance?  With strategy. The NASA Instagram account by design is a perfect balance of art and science. Each of their photos show stunning shots of our solar system and distant stars. Their content will get a new generation excited about the possibilities of astrophysicists and space exploration.


This Yin and Yang affect is achieved by mirroring mind-blowing stats with grandiose imagery. After all, a photo loses impact without a description.

A less galactic example of art and data strengthening design is the Johnny Cash Project. Digital Media Artists created an open sourced music video to allow people all across the world to submit exo-sketched images of Johnny Cash for his song, Ain’t No Grave. Through this project, viewers can see the data each person imported to and where it belongs in the video.

Johnny Cash Project

Lines of data developed the story of a man who rebelled against the traditional music grain and forged his own journey to greatness. A compelling use of data and art to design a timeless piece of media.

The concept of blending art and science is not new. People have translated data into visual graphics before the internet was a thing. What has changed in the year 2015? Users demand a visual experience that provides value and aesthetic appeal at the same time. They want design to updated automatically and be tailored to individual needs. With 329 million people reading blogs each month (Blogging.org), the cookie cutter minimalistic online experience simply won’t suffice.

How will marketers, designers, photographers, developers, and thought leaders use numbers to be more effective in the workplace? By feeding into people’s insatiable desire for stunning imagery. Data can be the source for art and art can be the platform to showcase data. We must create a world in which people fall in love with science by letting art tell the story.

Everything we see, feel, touch, taste, and sense has been created to be popular by design. Pens, smart phones, and entire cities, were designed with scientific precision and artistic significance. In order for design to be truly compelling, it must strike the perfect blend of Art and Science.

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