Dos and Don’ts of Lunch and Learns featuring guest speaker 

Jeff Elias

Toltec Global Services CEO

Jeff Elias, Founder and CEO, Toltec Global Services


WHO:             eTrigue

WHAT:          Hosts Dos and Don’ts of Lunch and Learns, a 30 minute educational  webcast. Learn 5 valuable tips to make live events successful.

WHEN:        Friday, November 14
8:30 AM PT | 11:30 ET
30 minute Webcast


GUEST:             Jeff Elias, Founder and CEO Toltec Global Services Jeff has extensive experience with CRM, Marketing Automation as a                   Service, Telemarketing and Demand Generation

PRESENTER:  Jim Meyer, VP & General Manager, eTrigue
Jim is veteran technology marketing and operations executive.

HOW:               Grab a cup of coffee and take 30-minutes for this informative, free webcast, and learn how events can strengthen your demand-generationefforts. Register:

This webcast will cover:

  • Location, location, location
  • The topic is key
  • Does the venue really matter?
  • Messaging
  • Synchronizing your events

 WHY:             Events are a great tactic to add to any organization’s marketing mix, learn how to increase event effectiveness this session is built from experience earned conducting scores of live events. eTrigue will cover important tips and show how many of the repetitive and time- consuming processes used in the promotion and registration process may be easily automated.

Automating key parts of the invitation and follow-up process builds efficiency, and ensures that all prospects are touched and responded to in a consistent and timely fashion.

About eTrigue:
Since 2005, eTrigue continues as the ease-of-use leader and provider of Intelligent Demand Generation™ SaaS products that improve and accelerate the way marketing and sales teams generate qualified leads and close sales. The DemandCenter™ marketing automation platform helps marketers build more successful demand generation programs that target, nurture and qualify prospective customers based on their “digital biography”, and give sales teams the real-time intelligence they need to identify, prioritize and effectively interact with prospective customers. For more information please visit  or call 1-800-858-8500.

About Toltec Global Services

With a very strong understanding of the balance between the two, Toltec uses the blend of art and science for business to business marketing, disrupts the normal marketing strategies and is able to perform simply with complex solutions. The company offers services in marketing automation, digital event marketing, social media marketing, design and development, software integration, and multi-media production. TGS’s approach to success is made up of the 5 “Ds” that are critical to the success of any successful marketing campaign. The 5 “Ds” to success are: design, development, deploy, debrief and distribute.  Headquarters are in Scottsdale, Arizona with business globally.  Visit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin or  call the TGS Team at (480) 214-9898 or email