Scottsdale Arizona Tech Firm Launches New Cloud Based Social Media Tool

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Scottsdale Arizona Tech Firm Launches New Cloud Based Social Media Tool

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Aug. 26, 2015 – PRLog — Toltec Global Services, (TGS,, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, a B2B Demand Generation services provider, today announces a new arrow in its portfolio of offerings – a product. As part of TGS’ ongoing “System of SystemsTM” Omni Channel marketing approach, the company decided to take some of their internal software, which was developed to aid their clients’ results, and productize it for commercial use.

The product, Social Viper, represents a breakthrough in the commercial markets for building a targeted database of followers on Twitter. Social Viper allows users to build their own database by zeroing in on other users with similar interests, (the database belongs to the user). For businesses, this is a quick, inexpensive and effective way to grow followers quickly and more importantly, the right followers.

According to Jeff Elias, Founder and CEO of Toltec Global Services, “This is a huge accomplishment for Toltec Global Services. It sets us apart from all of our competitors as it demonstrates our unique domain expertise in Demand Generation and our ability to create and adapt tools that we develop internally and bring them to market for our clients and the commercial public. We knew that productizing an internal tool would require a lot of work to make it easy to use and navigate for novice users, as well as adding the systems in place to plan and control future versions of the product. Our experimentation with Social Media and Big Data proven valid with the release of Social Viper, which we put into practical use for our clients in the fall of 2014. For B2B companies, this is an enormous enhancement to their ability to focus on potential customers quickly, inexpensively and convert them to sales opportunities.”

Social Viper delivers functionality in an easy to use feature rich package in the Cloud.

Social Viper Features:

• Social Viper includes a “mood” search filter.

• Social Viper can differentiate between positive and negative comments.

• Social Viper does not keep data for the user, the data is what the user receives in followers or follows by the kinds of users selected.

• Social Viper does not keep the user’s personal data.

• Social Viper quickly grows followers and more importantly, the right followers for you and your business.

• Social Viper allows you to target tweets and re-tweets quickly and in multiples.

• Social Viper increases your following with daily use.

• Social Viper adds large volume and relevance to you as a Twitter user.

According to Anna Ellis, President of Stone Mountain Consulting, “I’ve been a professional marketer for years specializing in call centers, marketing automation and social media. I was fortunate enough to be included as a beta tester. Social Viper has become one of the most useful tools in my arsenal. It’s inexpensive, fast, and efficient. It has helped my clients with building out a targeted audience in only 5 minutes or less a day. If you know how to use Twitter, Social Viper is indispensable.”

Social Viper Benefits:

• Ease of use.

• Social Viper is quick, inexpensive and effective.

• Social Viper allows businesses to very quickly find and add followers for future targeting.

• Build your targeted database for Social Media.

• Can enhance Marketing Automation efforts.

Introductory special $1.99/month for 6 months for the first 500 users which is billed at $11.94 for 6 months.

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