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Toltec Global Services Introduces Non-Profit Initiative Plus

Toltec Global Services Non-Profit turnkey solution

Program as a Powerful Turn-Key Solution

 Scottsdale, Arizona – August 6, 2015 – Jeff Elias, Founder and CEO of Toltec Global Services, (TGS,, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, a B2B Demand Generation services provider, is proud to announce its new solution for the Non-profit business sector, Non-Profit Initiative Plus program, (NPI+) for non-profit organizations.

Non-profits use various channels to ask for money, which is their primary focus in order to continue ongoing operations. NPO’s have traditionally solicited by appealing to emotion for their cause.

“NPI+” is designed to use TGSs’ marketing automation, “Systems of Systems” methodology, data and content advisory services to build out Demand Generation services for non-for-profit organizations. Leveraging its key technologies and methodologies, TGS brings a powerful turn-key system of services, applications, data services and analysis for optimal results.

According to Jeff Elias, “TGS brings not only an integrated operating environment; additionally we also bring our methodology for gaining new sponsors, donors and corporate giving to NPO’s. Our approach is a bit different. We don’t just solicit for funding, as that’s what everyone does. We work with our NPO clients to involve real people with their organizations. Corporations are filled with people. People can recommend, influence and help get their organizations to give. It’s really about the people and human behavior; that’s what we focus in on,” said Jeff Elias.

An early adopter to the “NPI+” program is The Friends4Michael Foundation, a non-profit organization which supports families across the country who have a child fighting a brain tumor. The Foundation has benefited and experienced a substantial increase in awareness and results in their capital campaign with the “NPI+” program. The “NPI+” program provided services which included website design, social media campaign, marketing automation, integration services and more.

According to Michael Kwinn Jr., Founder and President of The Friends4Michael Foundation, “TGS have been the difference maker for the Friends4Michael Foundation. They have helped streamline our processes and get the word out about what we do for families whose child is fighting a brain tumor. We have been able to reach and help more families than ever before with TGS’ program. Now we know how to change our approach so that we can reach our target audience, both families and potential corporate donors, and show them how they can help us make a difference. With the Non-Profit Initiative Plus program we have found for the first time an increase in responsiveness from large corporations as well as useful data from TGS about who responds to what so that we can change our approach to reach our target audience.”

For more information and a complimentary consultation on how “NPI+” program can help your non-profit organization reach its annual giving goals, contact Toltec Global Services at (480) 214-9898 or email

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