A System of Systems Approach to Demand Generation

Nothing stays the same. Everything changes.

Two years ago I was working in the Demand Gen field for a telemarketing company. They did some really good work. However, the market was changing; the prospect base was changing; and I realized that despite evidence that our customers were struggling with new technologies, the field of demand generation was changing for good. This time there was not going to be a return to just calling for limited hours or “performance”. The technology turn that impacted demand generation marketing was here to stay.

Fast forward two years later: I founded Toltec Global Services and originally thought we could just set a new dynamic by leapfrogging dialer technology and actually completely automate the calling process. That isn’t what I found. After only a few short weeks executing a client program, I realized that the market itself had changed. Prospects really did not want to be interrupted at work by their phone, and more importantly, most people simply stopped answering their phones.

Thank goodness I switched up the program to Marketing Automation and quickly reaped the benefits I couldn’t get using our highly automated telemarketing call center automation systems…….that could have been the end of the story, but it isn’t.

Fast forward 18 months later and I have seen the results of using a System of Systems approach, or what used to be called back in the day, “Combined Arms Assault”.  I read every day about content, marketing automation, social media, telemarketing and various approaches to attract prospects and turn them into customers. However, there is no one key tip, trick or methodology that can turn around and make demand generation work.

We at Toltec Global Services have invested heavily in testing and validating new technologies and creative strategies. We started in 2014 doing video webinars and shorts for content so that we could not only get exposure to video, but learn how to make them better than our competitors. We invested heavily this summer in social media, learning to use those systems with our marketing automation efforts. This fall we have invested heavily in our System of Systems approach, utilizing telemarketing, marketing automation, social media and video to enhance our clients.

The “Aha” moment occurred just 3 weeks ago. Coming into the last week of an event we were woefully short on registrants in a location for one of our clients. So we took our learnings from the summer and fall and put together a plan to finish with a win. We utilized every tool we had and swarmed the market. What happened? We went from 12 registrants on that Monday AM to over 37 registrants the morning of the event with more people registering all the way to an hour before the event. 17 Attendees showed up. It worked. We saved the event. For a second tier city and recruiting executives and decision makers, this was a huge win.

Moving forward, we have engaged all of our clients in our System of Systems approach. It works. Over the next 6 months we will roll out new programs, new engagement models, all of it supported by our System of Systems.

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