The Demand Generation Love Train

This week was revolutionary for Toltec Global Services. We went on-site for a week and used our “creative” side with a client. We put them through a very tough week. It was hard on us too.

We have moved heavily into the area of content, and with that video production. One of the most fascinating parts of the week was our client. We captured something that I thought went out the door in the 1990’s; a tech company that had built technology that truly was so excellent, so far ahead of its time, and that works so well, that the founders of the company knew they had significant competitive advantage.

The challenge for us? Making sure that their target market knows that this product exists; that it really works; and that the company is passionate about what it has done. In fact, they started a revolution 16 years ago….but no one got it. True confession: even yours truly, a storage expert, who has followed the company since it’s birth, I didn’t get it. But oh boy, I got it now. That’s good for both the client and Toltec Global. Passion.

More importantly than the technology is what I saw and felt was the energy I remember coming out of Westboro’s engineering labs at 4400 Computer Drive: the old home turf of Data General Corporation. Back when I joined DG the company was in huge trouble financially. There was turmoil in the management ranks; layoffs were happening weekly. Despite this, I didn’t care. I had been given the book, “The Soul of a New Machine” that year and once I finished reading Tracy Kidder’s 1983 Pulitzer Prize winning story about Data General’s determination to bring a 32 bit machine to fruition after 2 failures, I knew I had to work for this company. Passion. Energy. Determination. Knowing you could make a difference. For Data General at the time, its very survival hung in the balance. Fast forward 6 years after the release of the book and DG was in trouble again. Yet the company, throughout the 1990’s remained at least a decade in front of its competitors in both its UNIX operating system and its storage sub-systems. Yet again in mid-decade of the 1990’s Data General leap frogged the entire industry in Servers and came out with a NUMA (non-uniform memory access) computer that has yet to be rivaled in 2014 by a competitor.

This past week, I felt that passion again. I hadn’t felt it since then. Potentially it was my career in sales in the tech industry that wallowed away at my passion. When all became about revenue and commissions I simply didn’t care anymore. It was always about taking what was done in the labs and making it work in the customer environment. Making money was a nice side benefit. At the core the real engineering minds aren’t interested in money, they are interested in the pride of bringing to life really cool technology that changes the way we live and work. In a technology based society there is obviously large financial reward for that.

I’d like to thank this customer for allowing me to sample that fresh air again this week. Now it’s up to me and my team to work hard on the post-production work and translate that energy into something meaningful for the market that needs to know about it. Our mission is to get the Demand Generation “Love Train” rolling. That’s exactly what we are going to do.

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