The Dos and Don’ts of Content Marketing

The secret is out. One of the hottest buzzwords in the last three years is content. Everyone wants content and everyone is producing it.  According to BBC News, “2.5 exabytes – that’s 2.5 billion gigabytes (GB) – of data was generated every day in 2012.” This was only in the year 2012. Projections appear to exponentially grow in the up and coming years.  This creates a major problem for marketers, promoters, advertisers, designer and brand identifiers. Because everyone is producing content, the web has become saturated with tips, how-tos, and Do-It-Yourself steps. So how can a marketer make their content shine on the web? They have to realize that content really isn’t king.

“Content isn’t king, usefulness is.”

Tweet: Content isn't king, usefulness is. Learn more about #contentmarketing from @toltecglobal Everyone and anyone can share their expert opinion online, but that doesn’t mean everyone will view it. In our latest webinar, the Dos and Don’ts of content marketing, we quantify exactly how your content can become useful and something people actually want to read. View it below!

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