We’re an American Band!

Audiences loved them. The critics despised them. Early in their career in 1970 (the band was formed in 1969) after getting traction with their hit single, “I’m Your Captain”, the band took a $100,000 billboard out in the heart of Times Square in New york City to advertise and promote their album, “Closer to Home”. A relatively unknown band with one hit single, one prior Gold album, and a huge investment in marketing/advertising……and they closed out 1970 outselling all other American Bands and making themselves superstars in the music world.

In an era of word of mouth, Grand Funk Railroad took a bold step to boost their sales. Word spread quickly.

In truth, while GFR was a good band, they were seriously outclassed by a host of American bands at the time. They just made sure everyone heard their name, and they shouted it from their advertisement in Times Square louder and bolder than anyone else.

It’s a great story and relevant today. Is it really the best product that wins? Or is it the one that gets the most attention? In the case of GFR, they made the most noise with reasonably good original music. What about your company?

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